Zamba Flam

  • When: 5th Mar 4:15pm
  • Where: Emmett St
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Versatility? you want versatility and fresh sounds?
Take an accomplished multi genre drummer – Maurice Phillips
Add a superb & well known jazz horn man – Nick van Dijk
Link in a smooth, sophisticated jazz &Motown bassist -Aaron Stewart
Groove along with percussionist Tom Scrase
Admire a Brazilian born singer that will knock your socks off – Fabiola Haru
Brought together and melded by a samba aficionado guitarist Julie Bevan
Zamba Flam: versatility personified.
Zamba Flam will get your Latino juices flowing and you will just have to dance to their old favourites and inspiring originals.

Tripping the light fantastic since 1997 we have played many of our national festivals. Their first self titled CD Zamba Flam was launched to much acclaim.


"An almost Coltrane feel. Wonderful stuff "

Nelson Mail

"The technical brilliance is there as you would expect of seasoned artists "

Dom Post