• When: 5th Mar 11:45am
  • Where: Newtown Ave
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Waterfalls is the solo project of Wellington musician Amber Johnson. Her deconstructed modal pop music balances a strong melodic sensibility with hypnotic, ostinato cycles and invocations of mood via her exploration of analog synthesisers and processed flute and vocal timbres. Eschewing standard pop-song structures, Waterfalls’ compositions instead weave through movements creating impressionistic atmospheres and crystallising emotional states . Waterfalls’ distilled vocals are realised as self-help incantations, idiomatic assertions of self-worth, emotional release valves and cautionary chants revealing the moments of clarity borne from nocturnal reflections on love, power and pain.

"Part medieval and part post-Animal Collective experimentalism, its deep pulses rise in a glitchy holy chorus."

"The self-titled EP is rapturous and evocative...Its naturalist timbres and animal soul are spiritual and healing, and should be listened to each night with a warming cup of tea for superior mental health on these dark midwinter days. "

Sam Valentine, Otago Daily Times

"Solo artist Amber Johnson is creating a distinctive new voice, combining what is in New Zealand terms a fairly traditional level of music geekery, blending multifarious pop, electronic, classical and folk inputs, played out through a decidedly sophisticated experimental pop world of new structures and ideas.One thing that's striking is the way these songs aren't sweet or innocent, but the music world they create comes across as directly about the possibilities of pleasure that can be found in music, even if only fleetingly. This inversion of much of the hierarchies of post-modern pop certainly covers a lot of terrain along the way - while contemporary pop, Sandy Denny-style folk, electronic noodle, Hip Hop, modern classical, new age, techno, hauntology and 4AD layering may seem part of many a contemporary canon, it's unusual to see them as readily integrated together into such lateral patterns. "

Avant-Gardening Radio, Radio One 91FM

"Synths crescendo and vocals climb over each other, but it all fits together just right "

Hussein Moses, The Wireless, Weekly Listening - on single 'Empty Arms are Kinder'