Stall bookings for 2018 are open now.

The next Fair Day will be on Sunday March 4th 2018.  We recommend you book now, and then you can relax! Don’t leave it till the last minute – this year we were full up and putting people on a waiting list as Fair day approached, and we closed bookings altogether during February.

Don’t just book – follow up by paying! Its not the date you book, its the date you pay that we look at when we allocate stall sites. The earlier you pay the more likely it is that you will get a stall in your preferred zone, although we can’t give any guarantees. There are a lot of other factors that also affect allocation. For instance, local businesses have first priority, followed by returning stallholders who book and pay promptly. Some zones are themed by product – eg crafts in Green Street, and food stalls in their own precincts. Big stalls can only fit in certain places, and powered stalls are grouped together near a generator.

If you are new to the Fair and want to be in mid Riddiford St then you need to get in very early indeed.  Food vendors please note – most of the food stalls in Riddiford St are local businesses opening outside their own premises. Other food stalls are allocated sites in one of our many food  precincts. See more on the food stall page.

If you are a business with premises inside the Fair site you can book a site outside your shop or cafe, unless its too close to a stage or there is some other complication, but please book early to take advantage of this.

If you are a returning stall holder do let us know if you want to go back to the same site – if you book and pay promptly there is a good chance this will be possible. Use the ‘Preferences’ box on the booking form to explain if you want to stay in your 2017 site or want a change.

If you are booking on behalf of a community or sports group and are giving out information you can book a 2m x 2m $25 information stall, but if you want to sell items for fundraising or to have a bigger space, please book a regular stall site, and email us with your plans before you pay. We are happy to reduce the stall fee for a good cause.

Remember – its not just the date you book, its the date you pay that we look at when we allocate stall sites. We can make arrangements for paying by instalments – just send us an email to discuss. 

Book your stall now!