Ready Sett

  • When: 5th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Normanby St
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Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Ready Sett began working on material in early 2014. Anj Barton (vocals and guitar) and Tim Gau (drums) drew inspiration for their songs from early White Stripes and Black Keys recordings. After a burst of gigs following their emergence, 12-months down the track they released their debut Badger EP in December 2015.

 Mid-2016 saw Olivia Campion taking over as drummer and backing vocalist. Anj and Olivia bonded over their love for punk, indie, and riot grrrl groups of the ‘90s, which led to the creation of fast paced, pop-punk styled tunes. The duos songs reflect their feminist consciousness, coming to life through simple pop hooks, crushing guitar riffs and irreverent humour.