Raw Collective

  • When: 5th Mar 3:00pm
  • Where: South Riddiford St
  • Show map

Raw Collective started when producer/emcee Raw Deezy was looking for a musician to help craft and create something new, and found what he was looking for in Pauly Plum.  Local DJ Art-Official asked the pair to put together a live band to perform at Newtown Festival 2014.  They called upon Jack Cromie, Blain Fitzpatrick, and Ben Hunt to build a foundation, and from there Raw Collective was formed.

After only 3 months this 9-piece Hip Hop big band from Wellington City released their debut 6-track e.p Wise Horizons; combining elements of Funk, Jazz, and old school Hip Hop.

Raw Deezy and song-writer P.Plum kick the creative process off with record digging for unique samples to loop with drum beats.  Then the melodies, bass, horn lines, and vocals are layered to create their full sound.

Raw Collective spent their first year traveling around NZ honing their live show, and releasing music.  Following on from their debut e.p Wise Horizons they released their single Coins (Memories) with an accompanying music video which gained #1 on RadioActive.fm for 2015.

After their most recent release From these seeds, Raw Collective are set to release their third music video for their new single ‘Don’t leave your luck’.

Their debut full-length album is set to drop this summer.