Norac Salad – The Magic Little Shed

  • When: 5th Mar 9:00am
  • Where: Garage 4, 13 Newtown Ave
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“It’s long gone 3pm and several flagging schoolkids are meandering their way home along a semi-industrial street in the Wellington suburb of Newtown – a prosaic journey punctuated by a burst of joyful whimsy. Nestled in a row of five gritty garages is Norac Salad, New Zealand’s only dedicated origami bookshop and studio,” North and South July 2016.

Yup that’s me, Caron Dallas (Norac Salad is my name backwards). I spend my days in this garage/workshop/studio/playpen making art using “rescue” books by folding the pages, no cutting involved at all. No books are harmed in the process.

I make books to order including names, numbers or special shapes and will be open during the whole day of the fabulous Newtown Festival and will be selling some books off at sale prices.

I’m normally easy to find but on the day of the Festival you’ll find me behind the stage in Newtown Ave (garage 4, 13 Newtown Ave), come and find me.