Melting Faces

  • When: 5th Mar 2:00pm
  • Where: Mid Riddiford St
  • Show map


Melting Faces. The imagery brought to mind by their name alone ranges from the relaxed, the mellow, through to the psychedelic and beyond into the realms of heavier and darker territory. The music itself has been likened to early psychedelic rock greats such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, as well as more modern rock acts including Pearl Jam, The Datsuns and The Stone Roses. There are also drifting currents of soul, RnB, jazz, indie pop and even punk rock mixed in, keeping listeners guessing and, more importantly, keeping them interested.

Formed in New Zealand’s capital city in early 2011, Melting Faces have been stretching the fabric of music to fit their own veritable melting pot of influences for over five years now. Playing shows up and down the country they have formed a steadily growing fan base – people who know that no two Melting Faces shows are ever the same and that they can expect new material in it’s raw form with each live performance, as well as tight, well-rehearsed songs from the repertoire which have helped shape the band’s sound over the years.

Melting Faces is comprised of four core members. The band was formed out of friendship and a collaborative desire to make music without conventional genre placing or musical boundaries. In the melodic forefront Jesse Walsh appears on electric guitar, lead vocals and synthesiser, while Blair Clarke brings an interesting mix of Saxophone, flute and taonga puoro played through an assortment of effect and expression pedals as well as backing vocals. The rhythm section consists of Daniel o’Brien on electric bass and bass effects and Ben Lovell on drums, percussion, samples and backing vocals. Professional, punctual, friendly and engaging, Melting Faces make up a solid touring unit and have proven their ability to perform under pressure at various festivals and nationwide venues alike.

Melting Faces have one solid E.P under their belt – From The Boardroom – which is available for download at From the Boardroom, released in May 2014, showcases 7 tracks, representing a few different styles which the band formed in their early days and refined for recording. As well as this E.P, Melting Faces have filmed a couple of music videos for their songs “Wind From The Sun” and “No Train Blues” which can be found on youtube by searching either track name or “Melting Faces NZ”.

Melting Faces also have a more recent single, released in November 2015, which is also available through bandcamp and viewable on youtube titled “Thundercats” for which they filmed a lively music video at the Wellington SPCA in order to raise money and awareness for shelter animals needing homes.

All up, Melting Faces have spent years honing their sound and building their audience. Touring and playing festivals, recording, filming and gererally enjoying the challenges and rewards presented to dedicated and passionate musicians.