Joe Blossom

  • When: 5th Mar 11:20am
  • Where: Wilson St
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Joe Blosssom is the collaboration project lead by long time artist Sean O’Brien. Based in Wellington O’Brien has been writing and recording music for 20 years with different bands. He’s toured internationally and performed in noted festivals such as the Big Day Out and Camp A Low Hum. 2014 and 2015 saw him branch into the international arts festival circuit with the critically acclaimed show Demolition of the Century – a production featuring Blossom alongside author, playwright and film maker Duncan Sarkies (Scarfies, Flight of the Conchords and Two Little Boys).



Blossom brings together celebrated Wellington musicians such as Chris Fawdray, Holly Beals, Aidan Leong, Jeremy Desmond Jacqui Nyman and Regan O’Brien.

"‘Hearts breaking into song’ sings Joe Blossom, summing up the mood of his excellent second album. "

Nick Bollinger, The Sampler

"All of the Above delivers a potent hit of unusually ambitious pop music at a time when this is precisely what the doctor ordered. "

Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times

"Gently psychedelic soul-pop with compelling hints of prog. This guy's clearly a real craftsman, not just your average singer-songwriter. "

Time Out, New York