Freak Magnet

  • When: 5th Mar 5:00pm
  • Where: Wilson St
  • Show map


Freak Magnet play Wayne and Cassandra style grunge tempo bangers. Turbo-charged rungus roll!  The most requested punk band for weddings to ever exist, comprising 2 humans and 1 machine. Hailing from the badass streets of Newtown, Freaks have casually jumped on line-ups from inception, including such seminal punk venues and shows as Nevermind The Punkfest CHCH, random Sunday show in Anna’s backyard; The Ramones Museum in Berlin; a giant turtle in a kids playground in Amsterdam; a house party fundraiser in Sydney; Opportunity for Animals op shop in Kilbirnie; a punx wedding at a squatted trailer park in the forest at the outskirts of Berlin; our friends wedding at Carlucci Land; and at an instore at our beloved Death Ray Records in Newtown.

"Why do you have a drum machine? Can't you find a drummer? "

drunk dude after show

"Do you wannabe Rocket Jocks or something? "

a mate

"Ah fuck, I missed your set! Why do you always play first?! "

every friend at least once