Eyes Down Sound

  • When: 5th Mar 10:00am & 12:00pm
  • Where: Donald McLean St
  • Show map

South Islands First 8 Scoop Sound system, with selectors Renue, kang, Headland, Losfix, Akcept and Fat controller.

Coming from the shakiest of New Zealand’s two islands is Sound islands first 8 scoop Sound System EYES DOWN SOUND. Known for its eclectic and deadly selection of dubs from the 80s to today, EYES DOWN presents its music on a hand built Sound System second to none with a beautiful heavy balance of Bass and treble. Watch out for their special one off Sound System show at this year’s Newtown Festival.

Set times:

10 am: EYES DOWN round
11 am: MOMENTUM round
12 pm: EYES DOWN round
1 pm: MOMENTUM round
2 pm: EYES DOWN round
3 pm: MOMENTUM round
4pm – 6pm: Dub fi Dub rapid fire rounds from all selectors!