• When: 5th Mar 5:45pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave
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CORIN is a gathering knot of permutations—the sound of something meticulously ruined and renewed.

Composed and performed principally with just two synthesizers, Corin Ileto establishes a dialogue of mimicry with her machines that becomes near-cybernetic—an anomalous approach that has led to her sharing stages with luminaries like Fatima Al Qadiri and being nominating for FBi radio’s Producer of the Year.

Her fascination with the nebulous region between machine and human is most potently visible in her forthcoming release Virtuality, released through Wondercore Island—home to other unique and lauded artists like Haitus Kaiyote, Jaala and Oscar Key Sung.

Virtuality is an EP impaled with crystalline melodies and wrapped in a smog of unsettling textures. They’re songs of a hallucinated future—music that invokes the corrosive bloom of dystopia as it swallows a technologically altered humanity.

Her newest work is a departure from the atmospheric mood of her 2015 release Wave Systems. Stalking and cerebral, Virtuality employs a more nocturnal, heavily analog palette. It’s a collection of songs that seethes with influences as diverse as instrumental grime music and video game nostalgia. ‘Vexations’, the first single off Virtuality, shudders like vintage arcade combat, an ever-collapsing dance of automation and alienation.

In CORIN’s live shows, sparse automated elements provide a frame around which she furnishes the rest of her imagined world— classically trained fingers sweeping between guttural rhythm and stratospheric melody. Again song mutates into contemplation: Is the human affecting the machine or is the machine affecting the human?