“Celebrate Newtown” Bike KREW Rodeo

  • When: 18th Mar 10:00am
  • Where: Carrara Park- entry Regent St, or alleyway next to 107 Daniell St

Bike Rodeo on Saturday 18th March 10am -1pm at Carrara Park, in association with ReBicycle and supported by the WCC Communities on Bikes Fund.  This was meant to be on Sunday 12th March but the pouring rain meant it had to be rescheduled.

We are creating a temporary bike playground for children in the park. This will include mobile obstacles such as a seesaw, balance boards, slalom, and a range of textures.  The aim is for kids to have fun while building skills and gaining confidence: children learn by playing.

Bikes and equipment for children from ages 2+ will be provided, plus trained volunteer instructors. All kids with all levels of ability or difficulty can take part.

Bring your own bike and helmet or loan one from ReBicycle.

This is a Newtown Festival ‘Celebrate Newtown’ event, in association with ReBicycle and supported by the Wellington City Council Communities on Bikes Fund and Nikau Foundation.