Anastasia Dolinina & Matias Ceballos

  • When: 5th Mar 10:40am
  • Where: Rintoul St
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Anastasia started her musical journey a couple of years back, when she discovered and fell in love with Latin rhythms and culture. Eventually Anastasia returned to explore the musical side of her native Russian culture. Anastasia’s style is influenced by traditional and folkloric music styles, she sings both in Russian and Spanish. Anastasia and Matias have been performing together at a variety of musical venues, cultural and musical festivals in Wellington over the past year.

Wellington based Chilean composer, multi-instrumentalist musician and vocalist, specializing in Latin roots and Spanish music. When Matias was a child, his father established a restaurant to sustain the family, which eventually turned into a cultural house that held live musical performances, in the manner of Peña. The exposure to such the artistic ambience has encouraged his artistic aspirations.  His music work is largely influenced by the roots of the native culture and the traditions of his homeland. His work presents aspects linked with different influential social events that took place in the Chilean history and the different realities of the lives of the native Mapuche people (indigenous inhabitants of South-Central Chileexploring the themes of love, injustice, and dreams of better life and equality.